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Microsoft Ecxel
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Master Excel like a pro! Keep your information, data and lists in place, build functions, calculate complicated formulas, all in Microsoft Excel. Click the preview button below to get a taste.

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Total learning: 39 lessons Time: 90 hours

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Ok, so what will you learn at the Microsoft Excel  Now, There are so many levels in computer knowledge, But knowing the basics is like the ABC is to English, first you’ll learn what are all those computer terms such as Desktop, Explorer, browser, file, folder, and so on. How to copy, paste, cut, rename. Or even more advanced stuff like file address, or on touch typing (without looking at the keyboard) OK, computer field is SO huge it’s just impossible to describe it on a few lines, the point is, no matter what you’re level of computer knowledge is, this course will bring you up the way, help you GETTING IT the right way. Our promise is to make you ultra comfortable with this machine. When you type, create, save copy, or surf the web, open your email, download it and so on. sounds interesting...? It is! Check out the preview now and get started.. Start lean, start grow!


$500.00 $449.00