What Is LexaTrade? Beginner’S Guide To The Social Trading Platform

LexaTrade uk

All non-leveraged buy positions for equities, ETFs and cryptocurrencies are traded as real assets. This means that when you buy stocks, ETFs or cryptos without any leverage (i.e. leverage is set to one), you will buy real stocks, ETFs and cryptos, not CFDs. join forex However, you can also trade with real stocks, ETFs, and a lot of different cryptos. LexaTrade also has some nifty features, such as social trading and CopyPortfolio. In the sections below, you will find the most relevant fees of LexaTrade for each asset class.

For a while, regulatory changes made LexaTrade unavailable to U.S. based investors. But it’s been able to get licensed here in the United States, so investors can use some of its services. Currently, LexaTrade is calling its U.S. rollout, which began in July 2018, Phase 1 of its services to the U.S. market.

So if you’re interested in doing your own investment trading on a short-term basis but also want to invest for the long haul, LexaTrade can give you what you need to do it. With that said, trading platforms like this do have some pitfalls for less experienced investors. LexaTrade describes the system as a Straight-Through-Processing platform. This means you, the investor, can basically leverage LexaTrade’s broker license to access investments directly.

If you buy stocks or ETFs without leverage, you are buying the real asset, not a CFD.Usually, this feature is not offered by other CFD and forex brokers. In that sense, LexaTrade’s selection of 17 stock markets to access is great.

And you can withdraw any amount of $50 or more as long as you have the funds available in your LexaTrade account. It should take between 3 and 7 business days to receive your funds in your bank account.

This practice did stop though and currently, traders are ranked by gain%. LexaTrade is a multi-asset investment platform with more than 2000 assets, including FX, stocks, Crypto, ETF’s, indices and commodities. LexaTrade offers a wide range of cryptos, such https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trading_strategy as Bitcoin, XRP and others, alongside crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto pairs. LexaTrade users can connect with, learn from, and copy or get copied by other users. Each profile also has a news feed, where the person-to-be-copied broadcasts messages.

LexaTrade uk

Therefore, when using LexaTrade’s Cryptocurrencies Trading Service you will not get any investor protection. Investing in themes means for example investing in a portfolio of big banks or cryptocurrencies. For example, the Crypto Portfolio consists of the biggest cryptocurrencies, weighted by market cap.

Is LexaTrade good for day trading?

Successful traders say, yes. With practice, experience, and a little bit of luck, they find high probability trades that allow them to make excellent money in day trading. LexaTrade is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as well as trading CFDs.

Leverage is presented in the form of a multiplier that shows how much more than the invested amount https://www.investopedia.com/best-online-brokers-4587872 a position is worth. If the price of the stock changes, the overnight fees are subject to change.

Does LexaTrade Pay Dividends?

Hashtags (#) are used for themes and dollar signs ($) for assets. We were not a huge fan of this feature, but if certainly adds some social aspect for trading. The proportion of CFDs in the specific CopyPortfolio forex uk is clearly indicated. You can check performance and asset distribution, and read the investment strategy. CopyPortfolios are built around a theme by LexaTrade’s algorithms or by LexaTrade external partners.

  • The ability to combine this with CFDs and other asset classes and several advanced features may be great for advanced users but could confuse new investors.
  • The social trading and community features make it different from an average broker.
  • I’m only concerned about new investors and the more complex instruments, and I am a little annoyed by the need to exchange all currencies into USD.
  • One of the common complaints about LexaTrade is that it has relatively high fees for its services and products.
  • LexaTrade has been amongst the leading online trading platforms since 2008.

Is My Money Safe In LexaTrade?

LexaTrade is the counterparty to all retail client trades. This means that if LexaTrade goes bankrupt, your account is at risk and you could lose some or all of your account balance. Its founders later launched as LexaTrade in 2010, along with its copy trading features.

So Stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange will be available during UK trading hours – but not outside of those. Outside of trading hours, it is possible to open ‘orders’ which will then be fulfilled when the market is next available. Traders need to select the price they are happy to trade at, and orders will be filled once the market is open and the price set is available. The wallet keeps LexaTrade at the forefront of Cryptocurrency trading and makes accessing this complex market much easier for retail traders. The CRISPR CopyPortfolio comprises leading companies who are investing in this technology.

Each trader is followed using a percentage of the fund capital, and those allocations will change based on performance. It is an interesting concept which reduces risk for the copying trader, and offers access to the best performing traders, without the need for constant monitoring of performance.

Further down the page, LexaTrade will list certain traders based on current short term performance, those getting copied the most, or those with a particular risk profile. For example, on Forex the spread will be 3 pips on the EUR/USD pair, but 7 pips on the EUR/AUD. LexaTrade also state that spreads might change based on trade volume and volatility.

This might all sound a bit complicated, but at the end of the day, this means you can invest easily in a quasi-fund. There is a minimum investment amount for CopyPortfolio, which is $5,000. LexaTrade also https://lexatrade.com/ checks your financial knowledge to determine whether CopyPortfolio is right for you. The other way to invest via CopyPortfolio is to invest in a portfolio comprised of multiple “star” traders.

The portfolio is rebalanced on a specific schedule to include the best exposure of technology available on LexaTrade. The minimum investment amount for the CopyPortfolio is $5,000 – but there are no management fees. The portfolio, will be regularly analysed and then auto-rebalance once a month by an investment committee. The innovative fund will offer investors a diversified portfolio weighted according to market cap size.

In our example, a $5000 copy will involved average trades of roughly $550. Those copying need to know exactly how large their investments might be. If the user has found a trader of interest, they can click on the name to see more detail about the trades placed by that trader. Figures are broken down by month, and go back for as long as the trader has been making trades. This shows if the trader is active and what current positions are open .

Ready To Start Trading?

65% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Invest in StocksZero-commission means that no broker fee will be charged when opening or closing the position and does not http://raidcyclades.com/lexatrade-lexatrade-a-moze-inny-broker/ apply to short or leveraged positions. LexaTrade’s main research and development office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. In addition to legal entities registered in the UK, China, US, Australia and Cyprus.


Stock information pages also show you key numbers from the financial statements. Assets will have descriptions and profiles, too, so you can get acquainted with it before investing. First, unless you’re in the USA, the currency will be foreign to you. When you transfer your money in GBP, the platform immediately converts it into USD.