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The American flag stands for each courageous man that has ever fought for the life and well being of America. Not only does the flag stand for the soldiers, but also it stands for the people, civilians, at home fighting http://cambridgebatala.in/2020/03/02/how-to-write-an-example-essay/ the war for food and money as the American economy had also been enduring the battle wounds of the over-seas war. The flag still flew high, even in times of need, to remind each American to keep their courage.

The unity in the flag is alone enough to symbolize America, but the efforts and fights that have taken place, cannot be looked past. But, I believe that our Citing a Website in an Essay flag stands not only for all the soldiers but also for the civilians who have fought the war for food and money during the harsh days for our country.

It means that they should exercise their American right of freedom of speech and speak up and speak out about our current societal ills. And that is exactly what Jamie has done and exactly what I strive to do.

What Does The American Flag Mean To Me

Even during those times, our symbol flew high and reminded each of the Americans of the courage they need to keep. If they’d lost this bravery, we would possibly have no country to take pride in today. why i honor the american flag essay in youtube The American flag symbolizes how much our country believes in having freedom and being independant. I love the American flag because every single time I look at it I feel a sense of pride and freedom.

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The counter argument to this protest is not ” flawed”as many supporters of not standing for the pledge say. Again, you have the right to post this, but next time, the date should be taken into consideration. Just because it is a right of all of ours to have freedom of speech, does http://skv.co.th/2020/02/10/mir8-higher-high-quality-critical-essay-support-on/ not mean it is taken extremely disrespectful to the rest of our society when we all stand for our country as this movement’s supporters sit in demur. First and foremost I would like to state that I personally stand for the pledge as well as support it and the meaning behind it.

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I understand completely your right to sit in protest. I will never argue that you should not do that because you are simply exercising your rights.

If there is a problem, we should strive to better ourselves as a nation, not dismiss the people who are standing against the current issues. And as far as saying all conservatives love America and all liberals hate it, that just isn’t something that one person can determine. Jamie was respectful in what she said and is allowed to have an why i honor the american flag essay in google search opinion and should not be ridiculed for expressing it. Even a cursory look at the statistics surrounding who is the victim of violence in this country shows that the people who are disproportionately affected are minorities. Lastly, if someone am dissatisfied with the state of their country , that doesn’t mean that they should leave.

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Expecting to just snap our fingers and feel love, and then go back to focusing on our schoolwork? She may have been respectful in how she wrote it, but pledging allegiance to this country means you are one of its many members. It is slightly farfetched that Jaimie ” uproot” herself at a young age to go to another country, but there was no reason to post an article less than 24 hours after 9/11.

why i honor the american flag essay

The flag is a source of pride and inspiration for millions of citizens. Our American flag has been a prominent icon in our national history inspiring the national anthem, pledge of allegiance, and Star Spangled Banner. Across the seas, American soldiers fought, not for their own lives, but for America. The freedom that now reigns in America did not come without a war.

Jamie clearly stated that this has nothing to with the history of this country. She word for word said “To clarify, I have a great respect for this country. I am not protesting the people who have died or survived—or who currently are—serving this country. I am not protesting the military.” Suggesting http://powerupforthecause.com/mhcw-the-leading-ten-essays-considering-that-1950/ a 17 year old girl should uproot and move just because she doesn’t agree with some of the current social issues is a little ridiculous. I also do not believe that the solution to a problem should be to just tell people to leave the country if they don’t agree with what is going on.

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For, without courage, there would be no America with a free-flying flag to honor it. how to introduce Freedom, courage and honor are just a few symbolizations of the American flag.

Another thing it reminds me of is slavery and segregation in America and how we treated african americans. The american flag also reminds me of World War l and World War ll. It reminds me of this because America fought and fought in both wars to stop Germany and Japan.

I honor the American Flag because I am proud to live in America, I’m thankful for the people that fight for my freedoms, and I love the people and history of my country. The Flag is a symbol of hope for many, and it is a symbol that is worth honoring because it stands for something much greater than ourselves. The flag of the United States represents many things that current citizens may never be aware of during their lifetime. The history of our flag is remarkable as that of the America Republic. For approximately 200 years, the American flag has been the symbol of our nation’s unity.

why i honor the american flag essay

Every flag stands for something, but for Americans, the flag symbolizes much more that the country it flies in. The American flag symbolizes the people in the country What Makes America Great Essay and what many individuals have done for it, including giving their lives. Many wars have been fought under the American flag, encouraging each man to stay strong.

Every single time I take into account that a lot of people have put their lives on the line to let us be free. Which brings me to my main point – emotions are not clockwork. You cannot force someone to be infused with love for their country at a certain time every day, or following a certain cue. Perhaps some people take that moment to admire the flag and truly feel the love for America, but let’s be honest – every classroom in Pascack Valley High School has a flag. You can admire the flag and feel love for America at literally any point throughout the day.

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However, I don’t understand some of the comments being made towards Jamie/this issue. Stating that somebody should why i honor the american flag essay im wikipedia leave this country because they don’t believe that what is CURRENTLY happening is right, makes no sense.